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Ancestry shared between two individuals

Inference of the Cumulative Coalescent Function (CCF) between target and comparator genomes

Shared ancestry inference based on genomic data from the 1000 Genomes Project, phase 3 TGP

CCFs were computed using information from the Atlas of Variant Age, with allele age estimated using data from TGP alone and under the joint clock model

Target individual
Continental population:
Population group:
Puerto Ricans from Puerto Rico
Comparator individual
Continental population:
East Asian
Population group:
Kinh in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Cumulative Coalescent Function (CCF) How to interpret this figure?

Showing the inferred fraction of the genome shared between chromosome pairs

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CCF The cumulative coalescent function (CCF) describes the fraction a given target genome shares with a comparator genome due to common ancestry; the curve is monotonically increasing back in time. The CCF was inferred using a dynamic programming method which takes the alleles carried by the target genome, compares those to the alleles carried by the comparator genome, and infers the CCF based on the estimated age of the shared alleles. Here, allele age estimated using the joint clock model was applied throughout.
Haplotypes A, B The CCF is computed from the alleles shared between two haploid genomes; i.e. between the phased chromosomes of diploid individuals. Here, these are distnguished by arbitrarily (but consistently within a data set) labelling chromosomes as "A" and "B" per individual.